Don’t Forget About Your FSA

Last month, our blog reminded you about open enrollment for 2023, when your employer had you re-choose your benefits. Just as importantly, however, is THIS year’s FSA (Flexible Spending Account) for those of you blessed to have this benefit, This is a truly fantastic benefit that more and more employers are offering to their employees.…
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Open Enrollment-That “Fun” Yearly Game

Yes, we know the best part of summer is what we are all experiencing right now!  This does mean that Fall is right around the corner.  With that comes the all-important open enrollment time! For many employers, open enrollment occurs in November.  This is, usually, the one- and only-time changes can be made for the…
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Summer Time in South King County

“Summer time is finally here, that old ballpark, man is back in gear”……Thank you, Kenny Chesney, for what will forever be a favorite summer song!!!  Are you all loving this amazing summer weather that finally found us?  Though we had to survive, what may have been a record dismal Spring, we are blessed when the…
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Invisalign Day, July 21, 2022

Are you completely happy with your smile? Did you wear braces as a child, then stopped wearing (or lost) your retainers only to see you teeth get crooked again? Have you always wanted straighter teeth, but you did not think clear aligner therapy(Invisalign) could be an option? Have you looked into Invisalign, but it did…
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