How Does a Dental Cleaning Promote Good Health?

Visiting your dentist for your routine dental exams and cleanings not only reflects on your oral health but also promotes good overall health! Avalon Family Dentistry invites new and existing patients in Federal Way, WA, and the surrounding areas to experience our gentle, preventive dental cleanings. We strive to ensure your time with us is…
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Invisalign Near Me

In the months of May and June, we celebrate two holidays!

In the months of May and June, we celebrate two holidays where the people celebrated routinely sacrifice and put the needs of everyone else above their own. We are talking about Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. The team at Avalon Family Dentistry would like to challenge the thought of routine sacrifice being the best thing. …
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“For hundreds of thousands of years, humans did not brush their teeth. What happens if I stop altogether?”

I was wandering the internet when I saw the question. It is indeed a very interesting question. Just in case your family and friends suddenly bring this up for discussion on a cozy Saturday night, here is my thought on this. Why can’t we stop brushing and be as natural as possible like our ancestors?…
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Oral Hygiene Knowledge Quiz

Just for fun – are you confident you will answer correctly all these questions? 1) When is the best time to brush your teeth?     a. Morning     b. Evening If you answer B – you’re right! But what is the difference between brushing in the morning vs in the evening? It’s “TIME” Most people…
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