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For most parents, there is nothing more important than the health and happiness of their child. While you may worry about picking the right daycare or preschool, do you put much thought into your pediatric dentist? Dental care is important, and a dentist trained in pediatrics will be able to provide targeted care for your child's specific needs.


When Should First Exams for Pediatric Dentistry Happen?

Children get their first teeth during their first year of life. This is why infant dental care exists. You need to protect those first teeth as soon as possible. Most pediatric and family dentists recommend that children get their teeth examined by the time they turn 1. This allows the dentist to learn more about your child and start customizing a plan of care going forward. When you start early, you are establishing healthy habits that can last a lifetime.  This also allows years of “easy” dental visits that build a basis of trust for the child.

Why Should Children Get Regular Pediatric Dentistry Cleanings?

Forming good dental habits early is one reason why it is important to make sure your child sees the dentist several times a year. During regular visits, the dentist can perform the following tasks:

  • Remove buildup: Teeth naturally accumulate a buildup of plaque and tartar. While children have resilient teeth most of the time, this buildup can still lead to problems if left unchecked.
  • Provide polish: Children are not always the most reliable with a toothbrush. Therefore, regular polishing can help keep your child's smile sparkling and clean.
  • Check for problems: Most parents are not going to notice a dental issue until it is quite advanced. This can lead to unnecessary complications for your child. With regular checkups, the pediatric dentist can catch problems early.  The other thing to understand is a child’s tooth has very thin enamel and a very large nerve.  This means that a cavity will grow VERY quickly in a child’s tooth.

What Is the Purpose of a Fluoride Treatment With Pediatric Dentistry?

Your child's teeth are protected by enamel. Enamel is the barrier that keeps bacteria away from the nerve of the tooth. However, enamel naturally wears away over time, and in children, the enamel is very thin. With pediatric dentistry, it is possible to preserve that enamel for longer. The key is to use regular fluoride treatments. Fluoride applications will help re-mineralize areas where bacteria has started to take hold.

How Is Pediatric Dentistry Streamlined With Digital X-rays?

Dental technology has advanced significantly in recent years. This is why a good pediatric dentistry practice will offer digital X-rays. Digital X-rays provide an in-depth look at your child's mouth. This can reveal details about your child's teeth that might have otherwise been missed. These X-rays are able to show signs of decay or cavities. They can also reveal how the teeth are growing beneath the gums.  Digital X-rays also give you, as the parent, peace of mind that your child is being exposed to the most minimal amount of radiation possible.  We look at this cumulatively over a patient’s life and do everything we can to minimize!


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As a responsible parent, you want what is best for your child. Finding a reliable and trustworthy dentist for child or infant dental care is especially important. If you are asking if there is a pediatric dentist near me, the answer is yes. You have plenty of options for dental care in Federal Way, WA, but our dental practice is perfectly poised to serve you and your child. Contact our office to schedule an appointment for your child today.

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