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Periodontal Dental Care

Periodontitis, known more commonly as gum disease, is a preventable but frequent problem. It can be the result of poor or inadequate oral hygiene, though independent clinical studies have proven there is a genetic link when it comes to periodontal disease. Periodontal disease comes with a range of health problems, including an increased risk of heart and lung disease. Those medical conditions, along with conditions like diabetes, can, in turn, increase the severity of a person’s periodontal disease. It is important to know, and remember, that the body is fully connected, and what is going on in one area of the body affects all other areas!


What Are My Options for Periodontal Dental Care in Federal Way, WA?

One of our dentists will meet with you to discuss your dental history and health and address any questions or concerns you have. Then, your dentist will offer a thorough examination and design a personalized treatment plan.

Periodontal dental care helps tackle issues like redness and swelling, tooth decay, gum recession and jawbone damage. The first step to your treatment at Avalon Family Dentistry is assessing the severity of your condition. Then, your dentist will discuss additional procedures.

The first step toward a healthier smile is a non-surgical periodontal therapy (root planing and scaling). This allows our dental hygienists to remove tartar and inflamed gum tissue down to the bottoms of deeper periodontal pockets. This is usually done in two to four separate appointments to allow the necessary time for each quadrant of your mouth.  Once this initial treatment is complete, we will have you return in three months so we can fully assess how your gums have responded from the initial therapy.  Our hope is to see a reduction in deep periodontal pockets to a depth that you are able to care for at home, with the proper aides.  From there, cavities can be filled, sealants can be applied and additional steps may be taken to prevent further deterioration.  If for some reason, the resolution is not obtained through non-surgical methods, we will refer you to a periodontist for surgical intervention.

How Does Good Oral Hygiene Affect Gingivitis Treatment?

One of the best gingivitis treatment options is having good oral hygiene. Brushing, flossing and rinsing with a fluoride mouthwash can help prevent plaque buildup and remove harmful bacteria from the mouth. We have also found that implementing the use of a WaterPik can be instrumental in improving overall oral health.  Maintaining good dental health requires diligence, and our entire staff is available to answer questions, offer product recommendations and guide every patient toward their brightest, healthiest smile.

Who Should Get Surgical Periodontitis Treatment?

Like we mentioned above, sometimes, deep periodontal pockets do not respond fully to conservative, non-surgical care.  Periodontal disease is a “silent disease”, meaning you, as the patient, probably have no idea there are even any periodontal issues.  It is imperative to get an issues addressed as soon as possible because an issue in one area can quickly and easliy progress to several teeth.  We have a fantastic relationship with a local periodontist (gum specialist) here in Federal Way, WA, as well as one in Tacoma, WA.  We will partner together with them to help you restore and maintain the best level of oral health possible.


Where Can I Find Periodontal Dental Care Near Me?

We believe everyone deserves a dentist who listens to and cares for their patients. In addition to helping patients with immediate problems, our doctors also help them build lifelong oral hygiene habits that can help prevent gum disease and other conditions.

If you are looking for gum disease treatment, contact Avalon Family Dentistry at (253) 941-6365 to make an appointment today.

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