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Dental Implants

For those considering dental implants, a visit to Avalon Family Dentistry is in order. The procedure will take several visits and requires surgery.  We have a very close relationship with the surgeon, who will actually place the implant. Patients undergoing this procedure should only work with a dentist who has their full confidence.  It is just as important that the restoring dentist and the surgeon have that same confident relationship with one another.


Do You Offer Dental Implants?

Yes, we offer dental implant restoration. You will need to come in for a consultation so we can assess your current situation, your health needs, and your outcome prognosis.  We will also coordinate the referral to the surgeon for them to do the same thing.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

Dental implants can work well for anyone who is missing their permanent teeth. It's important to note that many adults have had to have teeth pulled, and by the age of 65, many senior citizens have lost several teeth. There is no shame in suffering from missing teeth. Don't miss out on a repair that could be life-changing!

What Makes Me a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

Any adult with missing teeth is a good candidate, although those who use tobacco may limit their chance for a successful procedure. If you smoke and want to stop, the idea of dental implants may be just the inspiration you need.

When Will I Have My New Dental Implant?

The teeth implant process can take several months. You can expect:

  • An initial consultation
  • X-rays
  • Surgery to set the implant receptor in the bone of your jaw
  • Healing time for the implant to embed
  • The installation of the abutment, or object that holds the new tooth
  • Your crown

The healing time is critical. Until the titanium implant receptor is secure, your abutment and crown can't be placed.

Where Will I Have My Dental Implant Surgery?

The surgical placement of your implant receptor will take place at a surgeon’s office.  We have an amazing periodontist in the Federal Way area that has taken exceptional care of our patients at Avalon Family Dentistry for years.  The placement is often done simply using a local anesthetic.  The surgeon does have the capability to administer IV sedation if you prefer.

Why Does Getting Dental Implants Take So Long?

Dental implants require a stable base. Because that base is tied to your jaw, making sure that the titanium implant isn't at risk of motion, which could lead to a great deal of pain and even permanent damage, is critical to your health and safety. Additionally, your gum tissue has to heal fully after each incision. Luckily, this tissue is rich in blood supply and generally does heal quickly. If you smoke, be aware that this activity can get in the way of your natural healing ability.  It is common to expect roughly four months healing after the implant receptor is placed before we can have your permanent implant crown fabricated.

How Long Will My Implant Last?

Under normal use, your dental implant can last up to 25 years with no trouble. In the event that you suffer an accident that impacts your jaw, you may need to have your implants reset. Any implants are examined just like natural teeth at each and every visit to Avalon Family Dentistry.  This allows us to be as proactive as possible.  Should you take up tobacco again, be aware that you can put your dental implants at risk due to bone thinning.


Dental Implants in Federal Way, WA

Contact us at Avalon Family Dentistry for a consultation about any missing teeth. A dental implant could be the fastest way to stabilize the teeth around a missing tooth, so don't delay.

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