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Teeth Whitening

A bright, white smile is essential for enjoying an optimum level of confidence. Visit our office to find out how our teeth whitening treatments can give you the perfect smile for making unforgettable first impressions in every environment.


Where Can I Find Teeth Whitening Near Me?

If you live in Federal Way, WA, or the Greater King County area, you can work with us to get a beautiful, stain-free smile that you're proud to show off. Our professional teeth whitening services can eliminate coffee stains, tobacco stains, and all other areas of discoloration. Perfect for people with smiles showing noticeable wear, these treatments eradicate dark areas of discoloration in a way that store-bought whitening products cannot.

Not only are our teeth whitening treatments effective, but they're also incredibly fast. With just a single one-hour treatment, you'll have a smile that makes you look younger and feel more confident.

Why Should I Get a Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Store-bought whitening kits are often substandard. They can also be pricey. Not only that, but if you apply the kit incorrectly, you could do damage to your teeth and gums.

Our dentists only use high-strength, professional-quality, and FDA-approved whitening procedures. The innovative whitening techniques that we use are paired with state-of-the-art equipment that provides precise delivery, ultra-rapid results, long-lasting improvements, and an all-around brilliant smile.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening Services?

Professional whitening is perfect for anyone with light- or dark-colored stains on their upper or lower teeth. Bright, white smiles are seen as a hallmark of good health and excellent self-care. If you've been showing teeth that have been dulled by dark beverages or diminished by normal wear, you haven't been making the best impressions. After all, your smile is arguably the most noticeable feature on your face.

As a trusted family practice, we provide teeth whitening services for patients of all ages who have understandable concerns about their smile aesthetics. Even if you have other oral health issues that you want to have remedied, we can help. Our dentists will work with you to establish the perfect smile restoration plan for reaching your cosmetic and health goals. Not only will we make your teeth look better, but we can also take steps to both improve and protect their current and long-term health.


Professional Whitening Treatments in Federal Way, WA, Can Save You Time and Money

Taking advantage of our whitening services can save you a lot in both time and money. Stop overpaying for drug store products that don't work and that may be causing unnecessary harm to your natural tooth structures and to the surrounding soft tissues. With far less effort and in far less time, you can get amazing results that last.

You want to make sure that your smile is bright, brilliant, and ultimately flawless. More importantly, you want to know that your teeth are conveying a message of good health, confidence, and excellent self-care to those around you. Contact us at Avalon Family Dentistry today to learn more about our whitening services or to schedule a consultation.

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