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There are plenty of people in Federal Way, WA, who can benefit from properly fitted dentures. Most people don't know much about dentures before they get this kind of prosthetic. There are a lot of myths about dentures floating around. We'd love to give you some good information and demystify them for you.


What Are the Different Types of Dentures?

There are two major kinds of dentures: partial and complete. The difference between them is fairly simple. Partial dentures replace just a few teeth. Complete dentures, on the other hand, replace a full set of teeth.

Partial dentures are anchored to other teeth. They usually have a pink plastic base. A partial denture is also sometimes called a bridge. Removable bridges may use wire attachments to anchor to other teeth. Fixed bridges are permanently held in place with cement.

Complete dentures are a little more complicated than partial ones. Because all the teeth must be removed before complete dentures can be used, the gums have to heal before fitting them. Something called an immediate denture is pre-made for use after the extractions. A permanent conventional denture is made about two to three months afterward. Waiting for healing to occur before fitting means that a better fit can be achieved.

What Is It Like Wearing Dentures?

At first, your new dentures will feel funny. There can even be an increase in the amount of saliva produced by your mouth. It takes time for someone's jaw, cheeks and tongue to make the adjustment to using dentures. After a week or two, you'll start to be comfortable wearing dentures.

Eating with dentures is a challenge at first. Your mouth will get used to it with time, though. It's a good idea to start small, with cut-up pieces of soft foods. Don't rush. Eating slowly will help make the process easier while you're adjusting to your new dentures.

Speaking will also feel different when you first get dentures. If your dentures make a noise when you're talking, they may not be fitted properly. Talk to your dentist about having them adjusted. They may slip sometimes. Never use a toothpick or chew gum while wearing your dentures.


How Do Dentures in Federal Way, WA Change Your Look?

You may be worried that dentures will make you look older or change the way your lower jaw looks. Typically, dentures that fit well can actually improve your appearance. The teeth will look cleaner and straighter. They can even help fill out the appearance of the lower jaw.

When a patient requires full dentures, we will put you in the hands of a specialist, called a prosthodontist.  If you have been unsuccessful when searching for “new and replacement dentures” in the area, please call our office and allow us to help you get pointed in the right direction.  Our goal is to help as many people in our local Federal Way, WA area as possible.

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