Dentist Federal Way

Experienced Dentists in Federal Way, WA

Are you searching for an experienced dentist near me in Federal Way? Avalon Family Dentistry has the kind of dentist you are searching for. We are a skilled team ready to serve when you are looking for emergency dental in Federal Way. Please consult us for your dental services.

Family Dentists in Federal Way, WA

We have the experience to treat you and your family members regardless of their ages. We will schedule you to visit our dentist together or at different times according to your desire.

We maintain the records for all visits. The information helps our dentists in Federal Way, WA compare your oral health during previous visits and quickly notice any new symptoms. The data we take during every treatment enables us to detect any genetic issues and be more vigilant when treating members of your family.

When your search for a dentist near me in Federal Way leads you to our practice, we are on standby to provide the services below.

Cosmetic Dentists in Federal Way, WA

Are you unhappy with your smile because your teeth are crooked or stained? Come see us, and we will improve your appearance until you become comfortable smiling in front of people. Our dentists in Federal Way, WA perform a series of procedures that will enhance the structure and appearance of your teeth. We use various techniques to restore a confident smile by treating your discolored, chipped, or misshapen teeth, including the following:

We can also restore worn teeth and fill gaps.

Restorative Dentists in Federal Way, WA

We have a solution if something causes your teeth to crack, fracture, chip, or decay. Our trained dentists perform restorative procedures for your teeth to look and feel natural after tooth-saving service in Federal Way.

We repair damaged teeth, restore correct spacing for a normal bite and replace missing teeth. Your teeth will feel and function naturally after emergency dental in Federal Way and restorative dentistry.

We restore your natural appearance and smile using dentures, endodontics, dental bridges, crowns, and implants, depending on the condition.

Invisalign Dentist Near Me in Federal Way

Our dentists in Federal Way, WA have mastered the art of treating crowded, crooked, or widely spaced teeth with Invisalign. We also take care of under or overbite issues. We use clear plastic aligners for invisibility and save you from wearing braces or wires. Our 5D technology for the aligner procedure restores your teeth in 9-15 weeks.

Do not let dental health problems continue affecting your life. Contact us when searching for emergency dental in Federal Way. Call to schedule an appointment for our experienced dentists to perform a thorough examination and determine the most appropriate treatment for you.