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Discover the Family Dentistry Office Federal Way Residents Love

Avalon Family Dentistry is your best defense against abnormalities and dental problems when it comes to you and your loved ones. Family dentistry is considered preventative care, and Dr. Hannah Doan can help you keep your smile healthy and beautiful throughout your lifetime. The American Dental Association recommended routine dental visits every six months for the best results.

What Does a Family Dentist Near Me Offer?

Family dentistry focuses on the oral health of everyone in the family. We are here to help you with routine cleaning and exams, as well as more in-depth procedures, at every stage of life. A family dentist is similar to a general dentist, but we have more experience when it comes to caring for very young children and teenagers. Our staff will help your toddler learn good oral hygiene practices that they will carry with them into adulthood while making sure your dental needs are fully met as well.

Services a Family Dentist Near Me Offers

We offer services for all ages. Our staff, along with Dr. Doan, provide tender pediatric care for the youngest children, in addition to restorative care for adults and seniors. We create personalized treatment plans that provide you with the greatest level of care and compassion. Avalon Family Dentistry is dedicated to offering affordable, dynamic dental care. In addition to regular checkups and X-rays, we provide the following services.

Benefits of a Family Dentist Near Me

As a family dentistry office, our staff and Dr. Doan can make dental visits and procedures more comfortable for all ages. Children are often anxious when it comes to seeing a dentist, but when you come as a family, they will learn that routine cleaning and exams are nothing to be afraid of. By seeing you doing the same thing, you are setting an excellent example when it comes to oral care. You are also saving time and hassles when the entire family can go to the same dental office. Rather than making numerous phone calls and spending several days traveling to each individual’s appointment, you can make one convenient call and have the entire family scheduled at one time.

Our Family Dentistry Office Federal Way

When you are looking for a family dentistry office Federal Way residents can count on, Avalon Family Dentistry is here for you. We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that every member of your family can enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile. Call Avalon Family Dentistry today to learn more.