What Sets Our Dental Office Apart?

It has never been easy to choose a medical or dental provider! Where do you go to look? Who do you listen to? Who do you trust? Ten different people could, truly, have ten different opinions and experiences with the same provider.

I tend to compare this to the “bad stories” you hear about root canals or wisdom tooth extractions. You usually never hear about experiences that go “smoothly” or fall within a patient’s expectations. That person usually does not think to speak of the good or normal. However, if an experience fails to meet expectations, then they’re far more likely to comment or complain or write a negative review.

The team at Avalon Family Dentistry is truly blessed that many patients have taken the time to write about the “normal” and “good” experiences that make up our day-to-day. We know how busy everyone is, so we’re deeply honored whenever someone decides to share.

We wanted to take a moment as 2022 draws to a close to reflect on why we have been so blessed. Our hope is that when you, a new person to the Federal Way community, stumble across this blog, you will have the confidence that we can be trusted to provide the best possible dental care to you, your family, and your friends.

My Experience with Avalon Family Dentistry

Headshot of Cristi, the blog author

First, a little history of me, Cristi, as the person contributing to this blog. I had the honor of working full-time at Avalon Family Dentistry for over 12 years. I now have a very small role in consulting and doing some of the behind-the-scenes things. I am more than qualified to give you this opinion because I have been in the dental field for well over thirty years and have worked alongside MANY different teammates!

Avalon Family Dentistry is blessed to have two amazing women as dentists who provide our patients care every day! They have over 40 years of combined experience. Dr. Hannah Doan is the practice’s owner, and Dr. Josephine Lee is our prior owner who has stayed on, even after transferring ownership to Dr. Doan. This relationship ALONE speaks volumes of the culture you will experience at Avalon Family Dentistry. Both women are amazing dental clinicians who place the care of our patients at the forefront of what they do professionally.

This dedication has fostered a team of women who I cannot speak highly enough of! The dedication and level of care that each team member strives to give our patients is the best I have ever seen, and most likely something I will not see again! They, collectively, work together to treat every patient that walks through the door like the family they love the most! The heart that this team pours into what they do every day is what sets us apart.

This team loves what they do. They each have a great passion for dentistry. This is not just a job for any of them, it is a career! It is a life calling!

Patients can see this going on in our office. This is what makes them comfortable walking through the doors. It also makes them comfortable to share their lives with us! They walk through the door with their phones out and their pictures ready to share the most important moments of their lives with us! We even have the honor of sharing the hard moments with them, to try and ease their burdens.

Our patients are our family! This is what sets us apart. If you want a dental team that you can honestly tell your friends and family you love… then we are that dental team. We would be honored to add you to our dental family!