Why Are My Gums Still Bleeding?

Frustration2You come in every six months for your dental check-ups and cleanings.  You floss and brush just like our dental hygienists have instructed you.  Your huge frustration:  Why are my gums still bleeding?

Your Federal Way dentist, Dr. Josephine Lee, is here to help point you to some possible answers.

  • Genetics ~  Some people are more pre-disposed to the effects of the bacteria that causes gum disease.  For some of our patients, no matter how diligent their home care is, it is not enough.  Dr. Lee and our hygienists will recommend a more aggressive therapy, a modified periodontal therapy, that will ultimately allow more frequent dental cleanings to keep the nasty periodontal bacteria under control.
  • Something Systemic ~ We hear this so much more now a days, but it deserves to be said again……. Our ENTIRE body is connected.  What is happening in one part can and will effect other areas!  Let’s be totally honest…..How many of us do not see our primary care doctor regularly?  How many of us actually have a primary care doctor?  When we do see the doctor, are we being completely honest with them about what is going on with our bodies?  Do we mention something like our bleeding gums that should be healthy and NOT bleeding?  Regular medical check-ups are important.  Diabetes will definitely contribute to bleeding gums.  Cardiovascular disease will also have ill effects on the health of your mouth.  Both of these can easily go undiagnosed if your doctor is not in the loop.
  • Topical ~ Has something changed in your diet or your dental homecare routine?  Some toothpastes, especially the tartar control and whitening, can cause unnecessary inflammation of the gums.  Food allergies, or intolerances, can also have inflammatory effects that can, and should, be avoided.

Dr. Lee’s best advice:

  1. See us, at Avalon Family Dentistry, at least twice per year for your dental cleanings and let us know of any and all changes to your health, diet, and lifestyle.
  2. Schedule a yearly physical with your primary care doctor.
  3. Pay attention to the signs and symptoms your body is giving you.  It is trying to let you know something is amiss.
  4. Keep your diet and the products you use as natural as possible.  Preservative and chemicals are not our friends!  Our motto is Keep It Clean!Rubber stamp illustration showing "NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES" text

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