Whiten your smile to avoid the last bit of winter blahs!

teeth whitening by a Federal Way dentistThis is the time of the year when we all yearn for the nice warm weather of spring and summer, even when we wake up to snow, like we did this morning!  To help get through the last nasty bits of winter, many people take the time to do special things for themselves.  One that is quite popular is teeth whitening.

As your Federal Way Dentist, we love seeing the amazed looks of joy our patients have once they have whitened their teeth!  There are different types of whitening procedures.  Dr. Lee will discuss with each patient which of the procedures would best suit them and their teeth or if there are any contraindications to teeth whitening.  Patients have the option of either in-office whitening or at-home whitening.  Both are very effective.

Since we strive for superior dental care in Federal Way, we do not recommend just any over the counter whitening products.  We encourage our patients to only use products that have the ADA Seal of Acceptance.  Without that seal, you cannot have complete peace of mind.

We encourage you to consider treating yourself and let your spring and summer start early with a dazzling, white smile!  Be sure to ask us for more details at your next appointment, or call us sooner if you simply don’t want to wait!

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