White Teeth For Summer

16062 Social Post - Smile Power Day3Summer is here!!  Now is a great time to whiten your teeth.  If you have been thinking about it but have not done it yet, here are some great facts that your Federal Way dentist, Dr. Josephine Lee, would like to share to help you achieve white teeth for summer!

  • There are whitening options to best suit YOUR needs.
    • If you want immediate results and have teeth that are not too sensitive, In-Office Whitening is for you.
    • If you want more flexibility for your schedule or if you have teeth that might be a little sensitive to temperature, custom Take-Home Whitening is right for you.
  • Teeth Whitening is NOT cost prohibitive.
    • Gone are the days of $1000 tooth whitening.  Both of our whitening options are under $400.
  • Teeth whitening is an easy natural way to enhance your appearance.
    • Your friends will look at you.  They will notice something is different, but they will not be able to tell what it is!
  • Summer is the Pacific Northwest is the best time to whiten!  Because of our active, outdoorsy area that we all enjoy, your golden tan that you will easily acquire will only compliment more your new, bright, white smile!

Call our office today at 253-941-6365 to schedule your custom teeth whitening!

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