Tooth brushing for your child

Two kids brushing their teeth to show the importance of teaching your kids proper dental hygieneToday, as your caring Federal Way Dentist, we focus on the brushing habits of your fiercely independent 4-6 year olds!  At this age, your child will want to brush their teeth on their own.  However, they, simply, do not have the coordination or patience quite yet to do the job right.  They will acquire these skills sometime after the age of six.  As parents, you can help by helping them minimize swallowing of toothpaste, making sure they brush for a FULL two minutes, and finish any spots they may have missed.

As a dentist in Federal Way who sees lots of kids, here are some of Dr. Lee’s helpful hints~~

  • Have your child you ONLY a small pea-sized amount of toothpaste
  • Teach them to clean EVERY surface of their tooth, using small, circular motions.  Make sure they brush the front, back and tops of the teeth
  • Gums are just as important at the teeth!  Make sure they use circular motions that include the gumline
  • Brush for at least TWO minutes, two times per day.  Make it fun with the use of a timer or playing their favorite song!
  • Make sure your child is using a toothbrush that is the appropriate size for their small mouth.  Always make sure, whether child or adult, that the bristles are soft!
  • It is never too early to instill the importance of flossing.  At this age, your child MUST have your help with this.  Sit on the floor with their head in your lap and floss their teeth for them.
When used, these tips will help give your child the foundation of great homecare that will follow them throughout their life!
A young girl brushing her teeth to show how our dentist in Federal Way helps parents teach proper hygiene to their children

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