Our Office Manager, Cristi – Team Member Showcase

Cristi, our Office Manager and her daughter JordanSince our Federal Way dentist office has been blogging for well over a year, Dr. Lee has decided to give each birthday girl “free reign” so to speak for a blog topic of their choice on their birthday!  Today, our office manager, Cristi, celebrates her 41st birthday!  The one thing that people will always take away from meeting Cristi is her passion for what she does!  She will be the first to tell you that she loves dentistry.  She also loves the Federal Way community where she and her family reside.

Her piece of advice for anyone reading this is to NEVER give up searching for passion and joy in all aspects of your life.  She will be the first to admit that as a working mother and wife, it is very easy to put the needs of others first.  While this is very important to people who are dedicated, there is a fine balance that needs to take place.  For years, Cristi put others needs above hers and sacrificed her own health and well being.  She made some very difficult decisions in the last year to back away from some of her commitments, in order to, for the first time, prioritize herself.

What has this accomplished?  It has meant spending much more time with her daughter, Jordan.  It has also allowed Cristi to find her “gym” family!  She, of all things, has starting doing Crossfit, and this, apparently, has been the missing link in her health and fitness regimen!  Most people would have given up on trying to find what they truly love!

So, the moral of her story…….

  • NEVER GIVE UP! You will know when you are where you need to be, because that is where peace resides!
  • Do not let fear rob you!  Take a chance, make a leap of faith!!!
  • Do not be afraid to place a priority on yourself.  This is not selfish…when you strive to do the best for family, your career, and those you meet…..prioritizing yourself in there makes all the other things you strive to do that much better and easier
  • Give Love……in this day and age, love is the most important thing we can give to others.  If you come from a place of love with what you do, you cannot go wrong!
  • When it comes to your career, find something that makes you always want to strive for excellence!
  • Smile….. your smile may make the ultimate difference in a person you share it with, so share it with EVERYONE!

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