Team Member Showcase, Our Hygienist, Marie!

As a caring dentist in Federal Way, Dr. Lee is thankful every day for the team that she has caring and treating our patients!  Marie has been part of our co-diagnosing hygiene team for four and a half years!  Dr. Lee and our patients value her passion for dental hygiene and for each patient’s individual needs!

Marie will celebrate her birthday on December 24th.  As a matter of fact, she was given to her mother in a Santa hat.  Not only that, but Marie has lived in North Pole, Alaska!!!  For any of our younger patients reading this, Marie has EVEN seen Santa’s house!!!

We wanted to take a moment to showcase her and celebrate her!  Marie has two amazing kids, Mikey and Marina, whom she is very involved with.  Marie will be a co-leader of Marina’s Daisy troop beginning in January.  Marie and Marina also stay busy with ballet and piano lessons.  Mikey is in his second year of cub scouts and has been studying the piano for six years now!  Marie also tries to volunteer as much as she can in each of her kid’s classes.

Marie and her husband, Mike, love this time of the year because they get to spend even more time with friends and family.  They take an annual trip to Leavenworth for the Christmas tree lighting.

We wish Marie a very Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!!!

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