St. Patrick’s Day Fun Facts from Your Federal Way Dentist

Clover for St. Patricks DayToday we, as your Federal Way Dentist, are going to deviate from anything dental and have fun with some neat facts about St. Patrick’s Day!

  • St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, even though he was born in Britain.
  • As a boy of 14, he was captured and taken to Ireland where he spent six years in slavery herding sheep.
  • He returned to Ireland in his 30’s as a missionary among the Celtic pagans.
  • Legend has it, he used the native shamrock as a symbol of the holy trinity when preaching and brought the Latin alphabet to Ireland
  • Legend also has it, he drove the serpents out of Ireland, though evidence suggest post-glacial Ireland never had serpents.
  • Wearing green, eating green food, and even drinking green beer, is said to commemorate St. Patrick’s use of the shamrock.
  • St. Patrick’s Day was first celebrated in America in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1737.
  • Around 34 million modern Americans claim Irish ancestry.
  • St. Patrick died on March 17th in 431AD.  It is a national holiday in Ireland, and on the island of Montserret in the Caribbean, which was founded by Irish refugees.
  • Dublin has a parade that attracts hundreds of thousands of people.
  • In Chicago, the river is dyed green for a few hours.
  • The biggest parade in the US is in New York, while the largest celebration in the southern hemisphere is in Sydney, Australia.
The team that provides your gentle dental care in Federal Way hopes you have enjoyed our fun tribute to St. Patrick and now you can dazzle all your friends this weekend with these fun facts!

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