How Does Comprehensive Dentistry Protect Your Families Smile and Whole-Body Health?

Comprehensive dentistry by our Federal Way team will keep your family healthy.

If you’ve followed health news in the last few years, you have probably read about the oral-systemic connection. That simply means that doctors have found that there is a relationship between our oral health and the health of the rest of our body. At Avalon Family Dentistry, we’re concerned not only with keeping your smile beautiful and healthy but with keeping your whole body healthy too!

Comprehensive or preventative care is dentistry that focuses on the overall health and beauty of your smile. It focuses on how it can be protected and improved with a program of planned and consistent dental treatments.

How Important is Preventative Care?

Research shows that a person’s oral health has direct links to the status of their overall health It’s the main reason why dentistry is more important than ever.

Our mouths are havens for bacteria and that bacteria can wreak havoc in other parts of the body by traveling through the bloodstream. Oral bacteria has been shown to contribute to such serious conditions as diabetes, kidney disease, and even heart disease.

As you may know, early detection offers the best chances for prevention and treatment of almost every disease. Your dentist can be an invaluable asset for detecting potential problems that begin in the mouth.

Be Pro-active and Protect Your Health

Here’s the good news: by scheduling a family dental check-up, our team will alert you to problematic areas before they have time to spread further. When looking in the mirror, watch for the following situations.

  • Bleeding gums: don’t dismiss this as a normal occurrence that goes hand-in-hand with tooth brushing.
  • Swollen gums: in most parts of your body, if it is infected, the tissue swells or becomes puffy. The same is true with gum disease as poisons infect surrounding tissue.
  • Signs of infection: never a welcome substance within your mouth.
  • Shifting teeth: teeth are designed to anchor into bone solidly. Movement indicates your support system has been compromised and you need help in ‘locking things down.’
  • Chronic bad breath: it’s not just embarrassing; it may signify a real problem!
  • A family history of periodontal disease: Awareness can be a proactive step in protecting against potential oral health issues, such as tooth loss or other health complications.

Download our infographic.  You can learn more about how using advanced dentistry techniques can prevent dental problems before they arise.

Preview of download about cmprehensive dentistry by our Federal Way dentist.


Download your free infographic about Why Comprehensive Dentistry Makes Sense to see how comprehensive dentistry:

*Can save you time and money
*Prevents harmful bacteria from damaging your whole body health
*Guarantees a spectacular smile for a lifetime

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We Want to Keep You Healthy

We want to help you and your family to enjoy a lifetime of good health. Comprehensive dentistry by our Federal Way team will protect your smile and whole-body health.

Are you concerned about the state of your oral health and how it may be impacting you? Make an appointment today by calling us at  (253) 941-6365 or contact us online to have a dental checkup. Your smile and your body thank you!

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