Now is the time…..planning your treatment and your benefits!

As your dentist in Federal Way, our team has always looked at September as a time of “renewal”.  The kids are back in school, the fun and chaos of summer has subsided, and it is time to get re-organized and re-energized!

Fall is the PERFECT time for you to plan your visit to your dental office in Federal Way.  Many dental plans have a “calendar year” benefit year with benefits that if you do not “use them, you lose them”.  If you have postponed scheduling your dental needs, now is the time!  Waiting too long could mean not being able to get appointments that work in your schedule!

This is also a great time to refer your friends who may have not been to the dentist in a while!  As your Federal Way dentist, we will always welcome the referral of your friends and family and treat them with the respect they so greatly deserve!  New patients who schedule in fall get the most “bang for their buck” so to speak!  They can use their ENTIRE yearly maximum between now and the end of December, then start fresh in January with new benefits!

For those of you who have employers that have an FSA(flexible spending account) or HSA(healthcare spending account), the month of November is when you usually declare your contributions for the next year.  Please, do not hesitate to call our office to have Cristi, our office manager, review your dental needs and get that estimate to you.

November is also a time when many employers renew the actual benefits, or have “open enrollment”, for employees.  If your employer offers you a choice of several plans, TAKE THE TIME TO LOOK AT THEM CLOSELY!!!  Often, at least one of the plans will be a managed care plan, which takes away your ability to choose your dentist!  Another thing to consider is MANY plans offer just as good(or very close to as good) benefits even if the dentist is out of network!  TRUST should always be how your healthcare provider is chosen, not if they are “on the PPO list”.  Again, Cristi is an amazing resource for your benefit questions, and she is here to help each and every one of you with the “complicated mess” known as dental benefits!

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