Navigating Halloween While Keeping Your Health In Mind

Halloween candyThe fun day of costumes and candy is upon us.  Your Federal Way dentist, Dr. Josephine Lee, wants to offer your some tips so you can enjoy today and navigate Halloween while keeping your health in mind.

  • Not all candies are created equal.  You are always best off picking good, old-fashioned chocolate bars.  Chocolate bars will not stick to your teeth the way other candies will.  When those candies “stick”, the sugar is in direct contact with your teeth for a long time.chocolate bars
  • Don’t graze over time on your candy.  Choose the ones you want  and eat them all at once.  When you “graze” you increase, again, the amount of time the sugar is in contact with your teeth.  This is true for any snacks, even “healthy” crackers.
  • Once you have eaten your candy, make a point of brushing and flossing your teeth.
  • From a general health standpoint, Dr. Lee, your dentist in Federal Way, recommends making this an active family weekend to combat the extra calories from the candy.  It will be a great weekend to get out and enjoy all the Fall colors while walking, hiking, or biking!

These suggestions certainly go beyond just Halloween and can be used throughout the year!!  The team at Avalon Family Dentistry wishes all of our families a happy, fun, and safe Halloween!!!  Be sure to share your pictures on our Facebook or Google+ pages!!  We would love to see them, and if you haven’t liked us on those pages, please take a moment to do so!


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