Hey Batter, Batter…..The Importance of Custom Sportguards for your child

Custom Sport Guards can be made in a huge variety of colors!

Custom Sport Guards can be made in a huge variety of colors!

With the opening of baseball season upon us, your Federal Way Dentist, Dr. Lee, thought it no better time to remind our parents and children alike of the importance of custom sport guards for those who play sports!

The American Dental Association and the Academy for Sports Dentistry recommend children(and adults alike) wear a custom sport guard if they participate in any of the following sports:

Acrobatics~Baseball~Basketball~Bicycling~Boxing~Equestrian Events~Extreme Sports~Field Hockey~Football~Gymnastics~Handball~Ice Hockey~Lacrosse~Martial Arts~Racquetball~Rugby~Shotputting~Stakeboarding~Skiing~Skydiving~Softball~Squash~Surfing~Volleyball~Water Polo~Weightlighting~Wrestling

A custom sport guard will not only protect your teeth, but can also protect and cushion impacts that can cause jaw injuries, and cuts to the lip, tongue, or face.  So many people think that an impact that does not cause “immediate” damage is of no concern.  In our Federal Way dentist office, we are seeing irrefutable proof that even softer blows to the face can cause life-long damage to the jaw joints, that only worsens with age.

Some may ask why a custom sport guard when one can be purchased at a store for much less money?  Well, ready made sport guards may indeed cost less initially, they often do not fit well at all.  They can make it more difficult to speak and breathe.  This often leads to them NOT being worn.

The only way a sport guard can protect your teeth and jaw is if it is worn consistently!  Also, since treating dental injuries can cost thousands of dollars, a custom sport guard is a small, INVALUABLE investment!

If you or your child is in need of a custom sport guard, mention this blog post during the month of April 2014 and receive $25 off your custom sport guard.

A small investment to protect something so precious!

A small investment to protect something so precious!

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