Happy Leap Day!

There are days when even the most caring Federal Way Dentist needs to acknowledge the simple gifts that are given to each and every one of us that may have nothing to do with general dentistry!  Today, February 29th is one of those gifts.  We have each been given an extra day!  What are you going to do with this wonderful gift?  You could play hookie and become a tourist in your own hometown, couples should be encouraged to start a special tradition each Leap Year.  Have that special date night with your honey.  Families can make today a party day!  Decorate with leaping green frogs and green streamers.  Pamper yourself, make a special spa day, take a bubble bath!!

Some fun Leap Day facts:

  • In 1288, Scotland established this day as one when a woman could propose marriage to a man.  The tradition says if the lucky man says no, he has to by the dejected lady a gift to soften the blow.
  • In 1940, Hattie McDaniel was the first black person to win an Oscar.  She won Best Supporting Actress for her role as Mammy in “Gone With The Wind”.
  • In 1944. Dorothy McElroy became the first woman appointed secretary of a national political party,
  • for the Democratic National Committee.
  • In 1952, New York City installed its first cross walks at 44th and Broadway in Times Square.
  • In 1964, The US was in the grip of Beatlemania!
  • Interesting people who were born on February 29th:  Gioacchino Rossini(composer of The Barber of Seville), Jimmy Dorsey(bandleader), John “Pepper” Martin(baseball player for the St. Louis Cardinals), Al Rosen(3rd baseman for the Cleveland Indians), Antonio Sabato, Jr.(Actor)
The team at Avalon Family Dentistry hopes you truly enjoy this gift that we do not get every year and hopes you make the most of it!

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