Graduation~~The beginning of a New Era in Dental Care

Congratulations to all of our amazing graduates in the class of 2014!!

Congratulations to all of our amazing graduates in the class of 2014!!

The time of year is here when graduations are upon us.  It can be an extremely exciting time for the entire family!  So many changes ensue after graduation and in the months following.

Your Federal Way Dentist, Dr. Josephine Lee, wants to make sure some important dental health and insurance benefit points are not forgotten in this busy transition.

  • Parents….Many dental insurance plans cover your young adult to the age of 26.  However, your dentist in Federal Way, Dr. Lee, recommends checking with your own plan to fully understand its specific limitations and wording.
  • Parents and Students…..Many dental insurance plans cover TWO CLEANINGS PER YEAR.  This means they DO NOT have to be exactly six months apart.  This gives much more flexibility in scheduling!
  • To our Graduates…..Just because you go away to school, it does not mean that you do not have to get your teeth cleaned.
  • Graduates….Plan ahead and around your holiday breaks when you know you will be returning to the Federal Way area.  Call Cristi with as much notice as you can, and she will do everything she possibly can to accommodate your schedule!
  • Graduates…..When away at school, do not lose the great habits you had at home!  Your brushing and flossing habits are EVEN more important since you are away from your dentist in Federal Way!
  • Your nutrition is just as important, not only for your body, but also your teeth and gums!

The team at Avalon Family Dentistry wishes all of our 2014 graduates the best in their future endeavors and congratulate them on all the amazing accomplishments they had in high school!  We look forward to hearing your amazing stories when you come and see us on your breaks from school!

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