Fresh Breath Day

Did you know that Friday, August 7th is Fresh Breath Day?  We didn’t either, until we looked it up!  This is, definitely, a day worth writing about!

Many people think fresh breath is something easily achieved with tooth brushing, mouth rinse, and, maybe, gum or mints.  Some people will try these things, but to no avail.


There are several reasons why bad breath persists

    •  Periodontal(Gum Disease)Periodontal disease is one of the worst culprits of chronic bad breath.  Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection of the gums caused by anaerobic bacteria.  This means the bacteria thrives in an environment with little to no oxygen.  The sulcus (or collar) that forms around your tooth is the perfect environment.  If someone has healthy gums and comes in regularly for dental cleanings, this bacteria is kept under control.  If someone is not regular about coming in, or they are predisposed to the negative effects of the bacteria, deeper areas from in the sulcus, allowing the bacteria to get a stronghold.  When this happens, and boneloss and deeper “pockets” occur, it is impossible for the patient to keep these areas clean, thus leading to the chronic bad breath.
    • Failing Restorations (Fillings) – Similar to periodontal disease, bacteria contributes to the breakdown of fillings and even crowns.  If someone is not being seen regularly at their dental office for professional check-ups and cleanings, the breakdown only worsens, as does the potential for bad breath.
    • Systemic Issues/Diseases in the Body – Even in this advanced day and age, many people choose to ignore the link between your mouth and the rest of their body.  There are many conditions that a person may have that can contribute to a compromised state in the mouth.  There are also many medications that contribute to less than ideal situations.  A very common issue that medications and some medical treatments(like chemotherapy) cause is a reduction in saliva.  Saliva is a mouth’s first line of defense against bacteria since it naturally washes it away.  When there is insufficient saliva, a person is more prone to cavities and the breakdown of restorations.

We cannot stress enough the importance of regular dental check-ups and cleanings.  We also recommend regular medical physicals with a primary care physician, so any changes can be caught as quickly as possible!  If you are due (or overdue) for your regular check-up and cleaning, call our office today to get scheduled at 253-941-6365



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