Diabetes and Oral Health~~The Two Way Street

diabetes and dental care by a Federal Way dentistAs your Federal Way Dentist, we feel it very important to educate all of our patients on the links between certain medical conditions and oral health.  Even if you are not personally affected by certain conditions, you most likely have a close friend or family member who is.  Currently, 23.6 million Americans have one of the forms of diabetes.  That is 7.8% of the total population.

Studies have been prevalent for some time now showing the link between gum disease and diabetes.  Research has shown that there is an increased occurrence of gum disease among those with diabetes, adding serious gum disease to the list of other complications associated with diabetes.  Things like heart disease, stroke, and kidney disease.

Emerging research also cites the relationship is two-way.  Not only are people with diabetes more susceptible to serious gum disease, but serious gum disease may also have the potential to affect blood glucose control and contribute to the progression of diabetes.  People with diabetes are at an increased risk for more serious gum disease because they are generally more susceptible to bacterial infection, and have a decreased ability to fight bacteria that invade the gums.

The Surgeon General’s Report on Oral Health states that good oral health is integral to general health.  We feel as your dentist, Federal Way offers an excellent community for co-treatment!  It is imperative for patients who have diabetes to let us know, even if it is diet controlled.  This allows our dental hygienists to further customize your visits to help you achieve optimum health.  There are many things that we, as your dentist in Federal Way, can do to assist you in keeping in oral health issues at bay!

Some of the recommendations could be things like:

  • the use of a high quality electric toothbrush at home
  • increased flossing or other home aids
  • more frequent hygiene visits with us
  • non-surgical periodontal therapy
  • if needed, the referral to a gum specialist
The best piece of advice is to be sure to entrust us fully in your co-treatment of any medical/dental condition you may have!  All pieces and parts of your body are connected and affected by one another!

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