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Dentist in Federal Way reviews.

The power of the internet is an awesome thing. There are over 1 billion searches conducted through Google each month. As consumers especially we are looking for information that will help us to make the best decisions on how to spend our money wisely or get the best care for our families. 89% of people use online research before making a purchase. *

That’s pretty staggering. Just think, when you share how your feel about a certain product or service online you are exercising a powerful influence on others, many of them complete strangers. It’s kind of like having a super power! But with any great power comes great responsibility. (Where have I heard that before?!)

“Here I Come to Save the Day!”

At Avalon Family Dentistry we know that when it comes to choosing a dentist, real patient reviews are especially important in the decision making process. People want to know what actual patients are saying about a dentist, the team, the office and how happy they are with the care they are getting. The credibility factor goes through the roof when they know the information is coming from a real person, talking about a real experience.

We hope you will use your “super power” for the good of others by taking just 2 minutes to write us a review. Be honest, brief, and specific. Tell us what you liked, who you liked, and if there is something we can do better then please be sure to let us know. Your “super power” has a great influence on us too!  Just click on the link below and share your thoughts.

Write Us A Review

We truly appreciate your feedback and we hope you appreciate the power your honest opinion has on others and on us! Thank you for using your “super power” on our behalf of our dentist in Federal Way and to help others find the dental care they need.

*Fleishman-Hillard Report

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