Dental Team Milestone!

cristi-and-allaLast week our office had a wonderful dental team milestone!  Our clinical assistant, Alla, celebrated her ten year anniversary working with Dr. Lee.

The entire team at Avalon Family Dentistry looks at Alla as a sister!  Our patients need only to have one encounter with Alla to know how genuine and caring she is!

Alla is a truly humble person.  She will blush beyond belief when she reads this, but she deserves this and much, much more!!

It is rare to find a person of her age with the strength of work ethic she has.  Each day in the office, she gives 100+%.  She is always doing everything she possibly can to make sure each patient she works with feels blessed by their time here with us!

Alla’s amazing attitude and servant’s heart do not stop when she leaves the office.  She spends many hours each week at her church, either singing in the choir or doing whatever she needs to make the events they have go smoothly!  Take a look at these pictures from their celebration last weekend!  Alla spent hours helping make these perfect!


Alla’s love for her family is also, truly, unparalleled!  There is nothing that brings her more joy than her family!  Her local family, and even some out of state, have chosen Avalon Family Dentistry for their dental care.  We are, in turn, so blessed to have them in our lives!  It is inspiring to see such an amazing family!

Please join me in celebrating this remarkable woman!  Take a moment to tell Alla what you love most about her!

Happy Anniversary!  We love you, Alla!!!


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