Dental Insurance Bootcamp

What you should know and need to know about your dental benefits so they do not stress you out……..

We are very quickly moving into an era where you, as the patient, will have no choice but to be educated about your insurance plans.  Here are some basics that your Federal Way dentist, Dr. Lee, feels each and every person should know about their dental benefits.

  1. Who is my dental insurance carrier, and what is their address and phone number?   Do not assume it is the same as your medical carrier.  The majority of the time, it is not.  You must provide the address and phone number if you would like us to submit the claims on your behalf.
  2. What is my dental insurance ID number?  It IS NOT the same as your medical ID number.  It will either be your social security number or an alternate ID.
  3. What is my plan year?  It may be a calendar year, or it could be a plan year that your employer has chosen.
  4. What is my yearly maximum?  This is the total dollar amount allowed by the insurance for dental treatment.
  5. What are my percentages of coverage?  Your insurance will most likely have different percentages for preventive, basic, and major care.  Preventive is usually exams, x-rays, and regular cleanings.  Basic is most often fillings, extractions(oral surgery), root canals(endodontics), and gum treatment(periodontics).  Major is usually crowns, bridges, dentures, and implants.  Preventive  care has the highest percentage of coverage, basic is a little less, and major is less that basic.
  6. Does my dental plan have waiting periods or exclusions?  Unfortunately, insurance companies let employers pick exclusions that can lower premiums, but these exclusions also limit the scope and quality of your dental benefit plan.
It is imperative to remember that dental insurance was never designed to cover all costs of dental treatment.  Dental insurance was designed to be there to assist in off-setting the costs of dental treatment.
Dr. Josephine Lee, your dentist in Federal Way, will always diagnose and make her treatment recommendations based on what is clinically most ideal for you.  The team at Avalon Family Dentistry will then do there best to assist you in optimizing your dental benefit plan and be there for you to help answer any questions you may have about your dental benefit plan.

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