July 25th-Culinarians Day

Cristi’s Speciality…..Cake Ball Truffles

The cake for her daughter’s 18th birthday.

The team at Avalon Family Dentistry did a little bit of research and found that today is Culinarians Day.  Could there be a better thing to celebrate?  Who wouldn’t want to acknowledge the people in our lives who love to cook and bless us with amazing meals?

Our resident chef, Cristi, is always teasing us with her lunches and blessing us with treats she brings from home.  Our office’s Pinterest even has a Board of “Cristi Approved Recipes“.  Be sure to check them out, as well as our other fun Pinterest Boards.

We are also including pictures of some of Cristi’s more recent creations. She has been enjoying her time in the kitchen since she was a teenager, and she loves stretching her culinary limits.  We tease her all the time that she should open a catering business!  We hope these pictures bring smiles to your faces.

Are you someone who enjoys their time in the kitchen as much as Cristi?  We would love for you to share some of your favorite recipes or even just your food pics on our Facebook or Google+ pages!

Strawberry Ice Cream Cake

The other thing that Cristi is trying her hand at this year is a little bit of a larger garden!  One of her tomato plants is over six feet tall!  She will have to do more research on tomato recipes to be able to utilize them all!  How many of you love your garden?  What is your favorite thing to grow?

We look forward to you all sharing with us and seeing you soon for your appointments!   If you haven’t called yet to schedule your summer appointment, now is the time!  Hope your summer is amazing!  And Happy Culinarians Day!!!  Be sure to tell your favorite culinarian how much you appreciate them!

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