Continuing Education~~How it benefits you!

San Francisco American Dental Association BadgeWhen you call a doctor’s or dentist’s office and hear the message that says the office is closed for the team to attend continuing education, what do your really think?

Do you think it is just an excuse for the office to be closed?  Do you think, “They really aren’t taking classes, are they?”?  Well, your dentist in Federal Way, Dr. Josephine Lee, takes her time away from the office very seriously!  In October, Dr. Lee attended the American Dental Association’s(ADA) 153rd Annual Session in San Fransisco.

In three days,  Dr. Lee ,your cosmetic dentist in Federal Way, was able to schedule in six, yes six, continuing education classes as well as visiting the many vendor booths to see what is up and coming in dental advances and technology.  These classes are not only vital for dental professionals, but also for you as patients!  It should be reassuring to you, as a patient, to know that your doctor and/or dentist is up to date with the advances and trends in their profession!

The ADA Annual Session offers a wide array of classes packed into a short period of time.  As one of the concerned dentists Federal Way has, Dr. Lee does not like to spend very much time away from her patients.  For Dr. Lee, the ADA Annual session is an amazing resources.

Dr. Lee had the privilege of attending classes focused on:

  • Dental Fears
  • Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics
  • Esthetic Dentistry focusing on Implants in the front tooth area
  • TMJ and disorders of the jaw
  • Oral Cancer Screening
As your Federal Way dentist, Dr. Lee came away with many ideas that she has already implemented to improve each patient’s experience in our office!!  The next time you are here, be sure to ask Dr. Lee about Dr. Quick Look and have her try it out on you!!

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