Dental Joke about a gingerbread man and gingervitis

National Humor Month

Did you know that April is National Humor Month?  Though we are sliding in just under the wire, the dental team at Avalon Family Dentistry thought it would be appropriate to share some dental jokes. You’re sure to laugh with these dental jokes!               Dentistry can be some pretty serious […]

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day |

Occasionally, the team at Avalon Family Dentistry will explore the quirkier holidays out there.  Did you know that today is Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day?  What an amazing day this is!! We have tapped into our resident foody, our office manager, Cristi to explore her Pinterest and find some great options for our awesome patients to […]

NICU Awareness Month

The team at Avalon Family Dentistry strives to bring you relevant and important dental topics in our ongoing Blog.  There are, occasionally, topics that have nothing to do with dentistry, but are important to share.  September is NICU Awareness Month. This summer, our office manager, Cristi, became a first-time Nana.  It was not an easy […]

Tips For a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep takes work, but it’s worth the effort. Getting deep, restful sleep is important to restoring brain chemicals, strengthening the immune system, balancing hormones, and being able to function effectively throughout the day.

National Poinsettia Day

Today, the team at Avalon Family Dentistry learned that December 12th was National Poinsettia Day.  It is amazing what will prompt you to look into new things!  Dr. Lee was admiring a Poinsettia in our reception area. Did you know that the Poinsettia is Native to Central America?  They were abundant in an area in Mexico, […]

July 25th-Culinarians Day

The team at Avalon Family Dentistry did a little bit of research and found that today is Culinarians Day.  Could there be a better thing to celebrate?  Who wouldn’t want to acknowledge the people in our lives who love to cook and bless us with amazing meals? Our resident chef, Cristi, is always teasing us […]

fresh fruit and veggies

National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month

Keep Your Whole Body Healthy! Did you know that June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month?  Your Federal Way dentist,  Dr. Josephine Lee and the team at Avalon Family Dentistry know proper nutrition is paramount in not only maintaining a health body but also maintaining healthy teeth and gums! This is an amazing time […]

The Class of 2016

This time of the year is bittersweet for the team at Avalon Family Dentistry.  We are blessed to develop so many strong relationships with patients, but that means we go through the same emotions as parents and grandparents this time of the year.  Graduation is upon us…..The Class of 2016!!  This year, especially, it seems […]