Fresh Breath Day

Did you know that Friday, August 7th is Fresh Breath Day?  We didn’t either, until we looked it up!  This is, definitely, a day worth writing about! Many people think fresh breath is something easily achieved with tooth brushing, mouth rinse, and, maybe, gum or mints.  Some people will try these things, but to no […]

Toothpaste in the shape of a question mark with text "How are oral health & overall health connected?"

How Oral Health Affects the Rest of You

Your oral health affects the rest of you, so the question is – Are you doing enough to maintain wellness? Doctors have found that there’s a connection between oral health and overall health, also known as oral-systemic health. And at Avalon Family Dentistry in Federal Way, WA, we want to remind you of the importance […]

Would You Be Able to Recognize Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer is deadly and it’s on the rise! Smoking and drinking alcohol can put you at high risk for developing this cancer, but there are many who are not a part of this “high risk” group who have also been affected by it. Would you know how to recognize oral cancer symptoms? Why is […]

4 Tips to Keep Your Toothbrush in Tip-Top Shape

Your toothbrush is one of your greatest allies in the battle against plaque, tooth decay and other oral maladies. What role do you play? Do you have toothbrush habits that are negatively impacting your oral health? Find out the answers below: Microorganisms and Your Toothbrush Your mouth is home to an abundant variety of microorganisms […]

How Often Should I Visit the Dentist?

When was the last time you went to the dentist? Six months ago? One year? Several years? Does it really matter how often you visit the dentist? Read on to see how you measure up in comparison to the average American. An ADA (American Dental Association) and Crest/Oral-B public survey on America’s Oral Health Care reveals […]

Common Dental Myths Debunked

Today, we live in an age of information. It’s easier than ever to find advice and tips online concerning just about anything. But, is all that information reliable? Can you believe everything you read online? Especially when it comes to health concerns, it’s important to make sure any information we use to make decisions about […]