A Second Chance

pnwomsWe all know people who have possibly fallen on hard times or are recovering from hard times.  We also all know the person who has spent their entire life putting the needs of their family first at the sacrifice of their own needs.  We also all know that person who may have a genetic condition that makes caring for their teeth very difficult, maybe the teeth easily decay or even fall out?

When someone has difficult circumstances like this in their lives, it is unfortunately very easy to fall into a downward dental spiral.  It begins with having to forego regular dental cleanings.  Then a tooth may chip or a tooth may become infected and cause pain.  Because of the circumstances at that very minute, a tooth is extracted instead of being saved because the money just isn’t there at the moment.  The spiral, at that point, is well underway, and tooth, after tooth, falls victim.

The team at Avalon Family Dentistry is honored to work with the team at Pacific Northwest Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons (PNWOMS).  They have been taking care of many of our patients oral surgery needs for years.  The team at PNWOMS is very active in our local communities.  To continue to give back, they have launched their Second Chance program.  This program will fully restore a patient’s mouth and smile!

This is such an amazing opportunity!  Please share this blog so that your friends and family in the community know!  They may be the one that knows a perfectly deserving patient!!  This could, in all honesty, change someone’s life!

Here is the link to the Second Chance page at PNWOMS!!  https://pnwoms.com/secondchance/    (you should be able to click on PNWOMS to take you to the page)  It will walk a deserving person through the application process!

We can’t wait to see the final result!

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