Six Things You Did Not Know About Dr. Lee

Dr-josephine-leeMany of you have been blessing us by allowing us to provide your dental care for many, many years.  Others of you have just found us and entrusted us with your care.

This Sunday, March 6th, is National Dentist Day, so I (Cristi) have hi-jacked the blog to share six things you may not know about your Federal Way dentist, Dr. Josephine Lee.

  • Dr. Lee was born in Korea and raised in Guam.  She is also the oldest of three children.
  • Dr. Lee is a local girl since high school!  She began high school at Federal Way High School (#GoEagles), but then moved and graduated from Curtis High School in Tacoma.
  • Her favorite color is blue.
  • Her favorite movie is The Sound of Music
  • Dr. Lee has a Peeps fetish!!!  She loves Peeps!!!  Yes, I am talking about those sugary marshmallow things!
  • She is so humble, she hates the fact that I am writing this blog!!  She is five shades of red as we speak!

We, the team at Avalon Family Dentistry, are so INCREDIBLY blessed to work for Dr. Lee!!!  It is rare in the dental industry to find someone who is not only a great dentist, but also a good business person and, more importantly, a good person.  Dr. Lee exceeds in all of those things!

We, as the team, also thank each and everyone of you, our patients!  You are so amazing, and we are blessed to be able to care for you!  Many of you say it feels like family when you are here.  That is the biggest compliment you could ever pay us!

Happy National Dentist Day, Dr. Lee!!!

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  1. Avatar for Dr. Josephine Lee Terri Tollie says:

    I always knew you were great ~ I love Peeps too~♡ Great minds think a like~☆☆☆☆

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